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So, You Want To Earn Some Clams

Games on Whyville:

Wasa Ion Engine

House of Illusions

Spin Game


Wasa Rocket Levels


The Great Balloon Race


When you're new to Whyville, as you peer out from your newbie face, unable to chat, you can feel like a bit of an outsider. All the other citizens are so well-dressed, with beautifully coiffed hair and tons of jewelry, hats, toys and all the latest accessories. Exploring, you check out the shops and gasp at the price tags. How on earth can you be expected to catch up?

Well, you've got to earn some clams.

Sure it's fun to use Whyville as a big chat room but that won't earn you clams. The richest citizens are the most involved citizens. Let's explore how they got so rich.

+ Getting a Salary
+ Managing Your Clams
+ Jobs That Pay
+ Starting Your Own Business

Managing Your Clams

Click on your satchel (the red backpack) on top of the bus on the left side of the screen. In your satchel, you will see your Bank Statement and your Ledger. These tools will help you manage your clams on Whyville.

The Bank Statement shows you a complete record of every clam you earn or spend. Every citizen starts out with a checking account, but you can also open a savings account and buy CDs (Certificates of Deposit). Savings and CDs help you earn more clams because they earn interest.

The Ledger is a handy tool for earning clams and increasing your salary. Click on the tab labeled Salary Ledger. You'll see a list of every game that you can play in order to increase your salary. You'll also be able to see whether or not you've played that game and the level at which you played. Go down the list and play them all. Play them again if you've got room for improvement.

Now click on the ledger tab labeled Bonus Ledger. Here you'll find a list of ways to earn Whyville bonuses. You'll be handed 80 clams outright just for getting your parents to complete and send in the Why-Wise Parent Certificate. Again, go down the list and earn every bonus. Your Whyville bank account will thank you!

Jobs That Pay

Earning your daily salary is a great way to get clams over time. But what if you need clams in a hurry - maybe to get that rare face part that's been out of stock or to load up on projectiles for a frisbee fight at the SportPlatz? If you need some quick clams, check out the Cafeteria for some 'jobs' that pay. You can play our food sorting game in the kitchen, or help clean up trash and recycling at the 'dirty' Cafeteria tables.

All you have to do to get paid is finish the task (sorting or cleaning up) before the 2-minute timer runs out. It's pretty tough, so you may need to enlist the help of a friend or another Whyvillian. Once you get these games down, though, you can earn clams very quickly! Some say you can earn over 200 clams an hour! Visit the Cafeteria link in your bus menu to get started.

Getting a Salary

Quite simply, you've got to play to get paid. Clams are the backbone of the Whyville economy. Citizen who have a salary get paid for each day that they visit Whyville. Come to Whyville today, and tomorrow you will find that you have more clams!

Your salary goes up when you play the games. Since you can't chat for the first three days, why not get started by checking out the Spin Lab (up to 8 salary units) or the Hot Air Balloon (up to 6 salary units), then check your Salary Ledger for more salary games. Recently, when Whyvillians were stricken with WhyPox, concerned citizens went to the Whyville Center for Disease Control (CDC) in order to analyze and discuss the virus. Those who contributed a lot to the public's understanding of the epidemic received bonuses and raises! The best thing you can do as a Newbie is to play every game in town.

Starting Your Own Business

Many of our more artistic citizens design face parts and sell them to other Whyvillians. Catch Akbar's Face Factory when it's not too busy and create a hat or some cool eyes or a funky shirt, whatever you like. Then, you can start your own store and stock your products. You'll earn clams for every piece you sell.

So there you have it! There are lots of ways to earn clams in Whyville and now is the best time for you to get started.